No unification with UML, unless one post of PM or Party Chairman is given to Maoist: Leader Paudel

KATHMANDU: The CPN Maoist Centre leader Devendra Paudel has clarified that the unification process with CPN-UML will not proceed ahead unless one post of Prime Minister or Party Chairman is given to Maoist Centre.

Speaking at an interaction programme in the Capital on Tuesday, leader Paudel said the country would not attain prosperity if it undermines the agreement forged between the two parties.

"CPN Maoist Centre and UML have same organisational base for unification, UML Chairman should take one responsibility of PM or Party Chairman and Pushpa Kamal Dahal should shoulder the left responsibility," Paudel shared.

Unification process would fail if one party tries to hold positions of President, Prime Minister, House Speaker, and Party Chairman. It would mean UML is trying to acquire Maoist party rather then going into merger process.

People have given mandate for a stable government for at least five years and unification of left parties, in a recently concluded elections in the nation.

He urged the party leadership to understand people's mandate. CPN-Maoist Centre is serious about it and asserted the main opposition UML to be familiar with the issue.

Meanwhile, both the parties should forge consensus for forming the government. "Yesterday, both parties had different bases, however, today, we have common goal so unification is imminent," Paudel added.