NOC Executive Director Khadka resigns

KATHMANDU: Nepal Oil Corporation Executive Director Gopal Khadka has stepped down from his post on Thursday.

Organising a press meet at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies (MoICS) premises, Singha Durbar, Khadka said that he had submitted his resignation letter to the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Matrika Yadav, effective as of today.

In the meet Khadka claimed that he had attempted to expand the storage capacity of petroleum products with good intentions but he was criticised for the move from various sources.

The former NOC ED stated that he decided to resign since he has been posted at the ministry without any responsibility. 'Although I was called back after Supreme Court's stay order on dismissal by the Council of Ministers, I was denied of any responsibilities at the ministry."

A cabinet decision in September last year had removed Khadka from his post, accusing him of committing irregularities while purchasing land plots for the corporation in various areas.

Later, the Supreme Court had issued an interim order in his favour, against the government decision.