Nod to ordinance to rebuild Nepal

KATHMANDU: President Ram Baran Yadav today issued an ordinance regarding reconstruction of structures damaged by the April 25 earthquake and its aftershocks that was presented to him yesterday by the Cabinet.

According to the ordinance, an 11-member Reconstruction Authority would be formed under the chairmanship of Prime Minister, including four ministers picked by PM, a chief executive officer, Vice-chairperson of the National Planning Commission, chief secretary and three experts having 15 years of experience in related field after completing post-graduate degree in infrastructure engineering, law, economics, management, economic or social development as members.

The tenure of the authority will be five years and the government can either extend its term by a year if the tasks of reconstruction remained incomplete or assign any other body for the same.

The CEO can recommend chairman to appoint secretary of the authority from among government officers.

Laws related to acquiring and registering land, public procurement and Environment Impact Assessment will not be applicable in the quake-hit areas to accomplish the task of reconstruction rapidly.

As per the ordinance, the government can relieve CEO from his responsibilities if his/her performance is not satisfactory.

Reconstruction Consultation National Committee chaired by PM will be formed to advise the authority to develop plans and policies regarding the reconstruction works.

The committee will include all ministers, leader of opposition in Parliament, former PMs, chiefs of all the political parties represented in the CA, CEO, vice-chairman and members of NPC, chief secretary, Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank, secretaries selected by PM, chairpersons of the federations of district development committees, municipalities and VDCs and maximum of 11 experts nominated from different fields, including universities, NGOs, civil society or private sector as members. The authority should present its report, including yearly transactions, and conduct public hearing every four months.

A separate 11-member Development Assistance Coordination and Facilitation Committee will be formed with a CEO at helm and include national and international development partners and civil society representatives.

An Appeals Committee would be formed under the leadership of serving or ex-justice of Appellate Court with two members to hear complaints against the authority’s decisions and committee’s term would be one year more than the authority.

Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Shanta Raj Subedi said the authority would direct the concerned ministries to accomplish necessary work of reconstruction providing them with necessary budget from a separate fund created for reconstruction work.

Reconstruction Authority’s salient tasks

•    To determine total loss due to earthquakes

•    To acquire necessary land following legal procedures

•    To order authority concerned to remove physical structures after providing compensation to owners

•    To coordinate with different bodies for effective implementation of reconstruction work

•    To order owners to remove their damaged structures or to remove them at their cost