NRA directs authorities to provide concessional loans to quake victims

KATHMANDU: The National Reconstruction Authority on Friday has directed officials from the respective authorities to issue concessional loans to the earthquake victims.

The orders were passed down after a meeting between representatives from Ministry of Finance, Nepal Rastra Bank and Bankers Association. In the meeting, Chief Executive Officer at NRA, Yubaraj Bhusal directed the officials to publicise the details of loan obtaining process through banks within three days.

According to Spokesperson at MOF, Ram Sharan Pudasaini, the government has expressed commitment to fulfill interest obligations of the loan. Moreover, Deputy Governor of NRB Chinta Mani Aryal said that the work plan has a provision that bars banks from charging any amount except 2 percent interest from borrowers.

Likewise, Chairperson of Bankers Association, Gyanendra Dhungana expressed commitment to take action against those banks that do not provide loan amount of NRs 2.5 million to quake victims inside Kathmandu Valley and NRs 1.5 million to earthquake affected people outside Kathmandu.