NRC cries for resources

KATHMANDU: Director of Central Blood Transfusion Service at Nepal Red Cross Society Dr Manita Rajkarnikar today said the two-decade-old practice of commercial blood contribution was turning to volunteer blood donation.

She was speaking at a programme organised to mark the 43rd anniversary of CBTS. Dr Rajkarnikar also appealed to blood donors to continue to serve the needy people.

CBTS distributed 178,652 units of blood this year while it collected 136,580 units. Last year, it collected 121,512 units and distributed 154,107 units.

“Efforts should be made to minimise the gap between blood demand and supply, which largely depends on collection,” said Rajkarnikar. Stating that transportation of blood from one place to another had been difficult due to the lack of adequate blood and infrastructure, she called on authorities to do their bit to better the situation.

Rajkarnikar asked the government to manage essential equipment and human resources to facilitate their task. The government should encourage blood donors by providing them with free treatment once a year, she added. The director sought an amendment in the national guidelines in order to effectively manage blood collection and transfusion. CBTS has four regional offices, 21 district offices, 17 emergency blood transfusion centres along with 25 collection centres in hospitals. The body is working on a five-year strategic plan.