NRCS branch holds 28th assembly

Kathmandu, November 3:

Kathmandu branch of the Nepal Red Cross Society today conducted 28th district assembly highlighting its major achievements and promising to expand its humanitarian services.

Inaugurating the assembly, Sanjeev Thapa, chairman of the NRCS branch, said the organisation had served people for more than four decades offering various services. “It has wide working area and many responsibilities that were carried out by its members and volunteers.”

He added that the NRCS should work indiscriminately and serve people as far as possible. He also lauded the Kathmandu branch for its achievements.

Sangha Ratna Shakya, secretary of the branch, highlighted the achievements of the branch and pledged to expand its services.

The NRCS branch has been working in diverse sectors, including support and rehabilitation to the flood victims, earthquake preparedness, disaster preparedness, healthcare services, emergency first-aid, awareness on environment, safe drinking water and sanitation, among others.