NRN couple’s largesse to light up orphans’ lives

Kathmandu, October 17:

The US-based Prahlad and Bindu Pant Orphans Foundation, set up by Dr Prahlad Pant and his wife Bindu with an endowment fund of $150,000, aims to provide food, shelter and education to Nepal’s poor orphaned children.

The foundation, which has been registered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA is a non-profit charitable organisation that plans to provide funds to resettle Nepal’s orphans and pay for their upbringing and development.

The foundation will be to identify orphans living under severe anguish in Nepal and provide sufficient fund to resettle them in reputable orphanages in Nepal and pay for their upbringing and development until they complete high school education and become able to live independently.

“When my wife and I wanted to assist Nepal’s children is because we could not think of anyone other than them,” said Dr Prahlad Pant, who is a retired professor from the University of Cincinnati, USA, and is the president and founder of an engineering company, PDP Associates Inc.