Number of seasonal patients on the rise in Valley

Kathmandu, June 14

With the rise in temperature, cases of influenza, diarrhoea, common cold and allergy has increased in Kathmandu Valley.

Lately, the patients’ influx at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious diseases Hospital at Teku has increased with most of them diagnosed with influenza, diarrhoea, common cold and allergies, said Dr Sher Bahadur Pun at the hospital. Consumption of unhealthy food and contaminated water had contributed to increase in the number of such patients, he added.

According to him, Kathmandu Valley is at high risk of influenza and cholera. Factors such as high density of population, consumption of contaminated water and unhygienic food contribute to the outbreak of such diseases.

Dr Pun has advised all to drink properly boiled and filtered water, and wash hands properly before eating. Similarly, he suggested seeking medical intervention in the initial stage of the infection.

Further, he advised people to avoid crowd and to stay away from dust and smoke. “Since contaminated water and food cause diarrhoea, it’s wise to take into consideration preventive measures than curative,” said Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel. paediatrician at Kanti Children’s Hospital.

According to him, the hospital has recorded an alarming number of influenza and diarrhoea case. Cases of snake bites are also on the rise at the the hospital, added Dr Pun.