Nursing students’ future in limbo

Bhaktapur, May 13:

College running classes without registration, proper facilities

While the nurses throughout the world were celebrating International Nurses Day yesterday, aspirant nurses studying at Chakrabarti Habi Education Academy (CHEA) in Bhaktapur were worrying about their future, as their college is yet to get registration from the Nepal Nursing Council (NNC).

The certificate provided by the college will mean nothing unless the college receives the council’s registration.

The college was established four years back with affiliation to Purbanchal University. But it did not register with the NNC, which is mandatory according to the existing provisions. While taking admission in the college, most of the students and their parents did not know that the college had no NNC registration.

The first batch of the college will complete Bachelors of Science in Nursing within a few months. But the students are not sure whether their degree will be approved by the Nepal Nursing Council or not.

“Our seniors are worried about their future and so are we,”

a second year student said,

adding, “Our hard work of four years will go waste if the college fails to get the council’s registration,” she added.

The irate guardians have formed a struggle committee to advocate the rights of their children. Som Prasad Sharma, secretary of the committee, said the college was trying to cheat the students and guardians.

“It seems that the college is being run just to rake in moolah. They bothered only about the fee on time and care two hoots for getting the council’s registration,” he added.

The college last year moved the Supreme Court against the NNC. The SC issued a stay order in favour of the college, allowing it to admit students.

“The college should either withdraw the case from the apex court and meet the necessary requirements, or it should provide transfer certificates to the students so that they can study in other colleges,” Sharma added.

The guardians have now decided to lodge a case against the Purbanchal University, the NNC and the college administration for playing with the future of the students.

NNC president Daya Laxmi Baidhya refused to comment on the issue, saying the case is sub-judice.

However, Devendra Bahadur Bhandari, founder of the college, insisted that the college had fulfilled all the requirements.

Bhandari admitted that the colllege administration had barred the third batch students from attending classes on Sunday after they failed to pay fees on time.

The students said college had not provided them with any facilities and was not conducting practical classes seriously.

They also alleged that the college was taking the students to hospitals not recognised by the NNC for practical classes.