Ockhi cyclone affects weather in Nepal

Kathmandu, December 4

The effect of the Arabian Sea-based cyclone Ockhi has begun to appear in the Nepali sky. Meteorological Forecasting Division said the Ockhi cyclone-formed clouds entered Nepal yesterday from the western parts and spread across the country today.

According to meteorologist at the MFD Suvash Rimal, though moisture in cloud seems very low, brief rain in hilly and Tarai regions, and moderate snowfall in mountain areas can be expected across the country tomorrow. He said tomorrow is likely to be the most affected day in Nepal.

“Across the country, two days from tomorrow, we will feel the major effect of cyclone Ockhi which will definitely increase the severe cold.” Rimal told The Himalayan Times. He said effect of the cyclone will be comparatively low and only remnants may remain by December 7, Election Day.

It is said that the very severe cyclonic Storm Ockhi is an active tropical cyclone currently threatening and impacting India, and is the most intense storm to traverse the Arabian Sea since Cyclone Megh in 2015.

The strongest storm of 2017 in the north Indian Ocean, Ockhi originated from an area of disturbed weather near Sri Lanka on November 29.

Proximity to land initially prevented significant strengthening, but favorable conditions as it entered the Arabian Sea allowed it to quickly strengthen on December 1.

After causing damage to property and life in Sri Lanka, cyclone Ockhi headed towards Lakshadweep and mainland India. Northern Maharashtra and southern Gujarat are likely to be affected.