Old age home demands additional nurses

Kathmandu, August 29

Social Welfare Centre Elderly Home in Gaushala has asked the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare to provide nurses for the care of the elderly living in the old age home.

As many as 190 elderly are living in the old age home and most of them have health issues.

Bimala Subedi, a nurse at SWC, said she had been facing difficulty as she was the lone nurse providing care to 190 elderly people living in the old age home.

She said 25 elderly people were living with depression, Alzheimer’s,  and anxiety, among other diseases, while more than 10 were suffering from arthritis, dyspnea, diabetes, cough, indigestion, gastritis etc.

“As many as 40 of them have disability and need support to do almost everything. “I am the only nurse appointed by the government, while the SWC has appointed another nurse for night shift.”

She said volunteer doctors visited the centre three days a week, but it did not bring relief to the elderly. “The elderly home requires at least a five-bed emergency room and a separate room for visitors.”

Krishna Kadel, chief administrator at the elderly home, said the centre had demanded additional nurses from the authorities but had not received any response.