Contrary to speculations, Oli did not make any new 'surprising' remarks


The Oli-faction of the ruling Nepal Communist Party displayed a show-of-strength in mid-Kathmandu on Friday.

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The mass-gathering organised by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's supporters saw an attendance of tens of thousands of people who had arrived from various parts of the country. Rallies taken out from 13 different points in the valley had converged into the gathering in Durbarmarg.

Prior preparations had been carried out to set stage for the PM's 'show of strength' that was called in response to Dahal-Nepal faction's protest programmes in the recent past.

While the police had lifted road dividers from one of the busiest road-sections of the capital, cadres of the group had cleaned the area, set up a stage and put up posters of the Prime Minister in preparation.

At the gathering, Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa announced that the third people's movement had begun. He riled the splinter group by saying that those willing to conduct a non-veg movement - a phrase coined by 'estranged' leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal - would be arrested and locked in zoo.

Likewise, Deputy Prime Minister Ishwar Pokharel cautioned the splinter faction to not take any unconstitutional steps such as threatening the Election Commission. He further said that the government would compensate those that had suffered losses in yesterday's general strike called by the Dahal-Nepal faction.

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Contrary to speculations regarding some 'surprise' announcement at the mass, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli repeated his earlier statements in way of attacking his opposition. Furthermore, he relied on fake news that did rounds on social media on Thursday - the day of the strike - in a bid to score some points against Dahal-Nepal.

Oli was cheered all throughout the gathering by a thick volley of supporters.

Oli's call for mass gathering right in front of the Narayanhiti Palace Museum was being looked at with interest by all segments of society.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that the dissenting side, the Dahal-Nepal faction, has announced a gathering of similar nature in the capital on February 10 to counter Oli's gathering. The splinter group on Thursday had enforced a nationwide general strike.

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