PM KP Sharma Oli's address to be the highlight of the event


The mass-gathering organised by Oli-faction of the ruling Nepal Communist Party has begun in Durbarmarg of Kathmandu. The event that was scheduled for 12:00pm begun at around 1:00 with the arrival of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister and chairperson of the faction KP Sharma Oli, along with other senior figures of the party, will address the gathering which has tens of thousands of people in attendance. Rallies taken out from 13 different points in the valley had converged into the gathering in Durbarmarg.

Prior preparations had been carried out to set stage for the PM's 'show of strength' that was called in response to Dahal-Nepal faction's protest programs in the recent past.

While the police had lifted road dividers from the one of the busiest road-sections of the capital, cadres of the group had cleaned the area, set up stage and put up posters of the Prime Minister in preparation.

Oli's call for mass gathering right in front of the Narayanhiti Palace Museum is being looked at with interest by all segments of society.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that the dissenting side, the Dahal-Nepal faction, has announced a gathering of similar nature in the capital on February 10 to counter Oli's gathering.

The splinter group on Thursday had enforced a nationwide general strike.