Kathmandu, April 6:

Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Paudel said today that the government will work for the rehabilitation of conflict victims and carry out reconstruction works through a “one-door policy”.

“This ministry has been given the responsibility of carrying out reconstruction works and establishing peace. We are committed to meeting the goals for which the ministry was set up,” he said at a press conference organised in his office. This is the first press conference of the newly-established ministry. A Peace Council will be formed to carry out reconstruction works and rehabilitate conflict victims. “The Peace Council will have representation of eight parties. We have asked the political parties to recommend names for the council,” he said. The council will have committees at districts and VDCs.

Paudel refused to say how much funds the ministry will need to carry out reconstruction and rehabilitation. “It is too early to talk about the budget,” he said.

“The Maoists have become a part of the government and they will return the seized property of people,” he said, adding, “We believe that the property will be returned to the owners on time.” He added that the Maoists cannot occupy any property and show the presence of a state within a state.