Open schools or face protests: ANNISU-R

Kathmandu, May 27:

Maoist student wing today protested against the government decision to suspend classes for two weeks citing lack of textbooks.

The ANNISU-Revolutionary claimed that the government decision was a ploy to promote privatisation and commercialisation of education.

“Tussle between the education mafias led to delay in printing of textbooks,” said Lekhnath Neupane, ANNISU-Revolutionary president, at a press conference organised here today.

The government is escaping from its responsibility after committing a blunder and this is not acceptable to us, Neupane said.

“The decision came without consultation with the student unions, guardians’ associations and other stakeholders. We could have given other better option,” he said.

He also demanded punishment for those responsible for delay in publication of textbooks.

The ANNISU-R has demanded that the government take back its decision and continue classes.

“We would not only support the guardians’ movement against the closure of schools across the country but take the lead if textbooks are not provided soon,” Neupane said.

The union has also condemned the local administration for failing to take action against Delhi Public School of Biratnagar for flouting the laws.

Besides, the Maoist student wing has claimed that only a powerful president can lead the republican new Nepal.

The ANNISU-R has appealed all the students to take to the streets along to create pressure to throw out Gyanendra from Narayanhiti palace.

“The private schools will not bow down unless some huge pressure is exerted on them,” he said while trying to justify the union’s planned protests against the private schools.

Neupane warned of another movement if a republican state order is not put in place by the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly tomorrow.