Over 20 NAC pilots submit group resignation

KATHMANDU: Over twenty pilots of the Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) have submitted a group resignation note to the management citing discrimination in remuneration and benefits.

In the note, pilots belonging to various fleet, have stated that they are submitting the notice of resignation due to unfair treatment by the management towards its permanent pilots in comparison to expatriate pilots associated with the corporation or other pilots working on contracts.

The notice also mentions that remuneration offered to NAC pilots is less compared to pilots working in the private domestic sector or international airlines in the country, despite which, NAC management is deducting a certain amount from their salary besides applicable tax.

"NAC pays all applicable taxes to the expat pilots who are already being paid a good remuneration while the permanent pilots are being humiliated," further reads the note.

Through the notice, the pilots request the management to timely correct such discrimination.

They ask NAC to either ensure that all applicable taxes of the crew are paid by the corporation just as it is paying taxes for expats, or, convert their service on contractual basis with financial benefits in par with the financial package provided to expat pilots.

Giving an ultimatum of three months, the pilots have asked the management to consider the letter as the required three-month notice of resignation if their demands are not met.