Overall crime rate soaring in Kathmandu valley, say police

Kathmandu, July 20

The overall crime rate in Kathmandu has shown an upward trend, show statistics released by police.

Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu, filed as many as 6,841 cases at the court and district administration offices against crime suspects in the fiscal 2017-18 compared to 4,582 last fiscal. According to the statistics, police arrested 9,102 suspects in connection with 6,841 cases and 692 persons are still at large. MPR said the crime rate increased by approximately 33 per cent in the fiscal 2017-18 against the last fiscal.

Public offence is the single biggest crime reported in Kathmandu. Of the 6,841 cases filed, over 3,500 cases were related to public offence. Police said crime rate rose during festive seasons and monsoon. The month of Asadh recorded the highest number of crimes with arrest of 955 persons and 91 others absconding. Police filed 867 cases against the suspects. The number of cases filed at the court and DAO are less than the number of suspects arrested by police due to involvement of more than one persons in the same crime.

Among the heinous crimes, reported cases of rape increased to 45 in 2017-18 from 29 in 2016-17.

In some cases, men and women living together without marriage have consensual sex, and the alleged victim files a rape complaint against the man with police when their relationship turns sour, said SSP Bishwaraj Pokharel. All rape accused were arrested except two persons involved in Durbar Marg gang rape.

Similarly, police arrested 79 persons with 133 gram heroin, eight kilograms of hashish and 22,000 ampules of injectable drugs. Cases of financial crime and fraud increased to 691 and 217 in fiscal 2017-18 from 184 and 139 last fiscal respectively.

Monetary greed and temptation is the single largest reason for crimes in the cities. Crime rates are higher in big cities than in small cities and rural areas because chances of being recognised and arrested in a large mobile population is lower.

Social crimes, domestic violence and burglary are the biggest problems facing cities. Murder, attempted murder, fraud, human trafficking, rape, attempted rape, kidnapping, drug smuggling, robbery, theft and social crimes remain the main challenges to law and order in urban life.