Kathmandu, February 5 Pakistan today said regional disputes should be resolved peacefully to bring progress and prosperity to the South Asia region. On the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day, which was observed at the Embassy of Pakistan in Kathmandu today, Deputy Chief of Mission Javad Umrani, said the disputes over Jammu and Kashmir between Pakistan and India has impeded the progress and prosperity of entire South Asian nations. Urmani stated that the issue should be resolved peacefully, which according to him, would establish the rights of self-determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “Kashmiris were promised their right of self-determination by the international community through several United Nations Resolutions beginning in 1948,” he continued. “Today, nearly seven decades down the line, these commitments remain unfulfilled, leaving the Kashmiris high and dry,” he added. Presenting a paper on “Resolution of Regional Disputes for Greater Peace and Prosperity in South Asia”, Umrani said Pakistan’s supports the Kashmiri people’s struggle for right to self-determination. Muslim majority Kishmirs were promised a plebiscite for them to decide whether they wanted to be with India or Pakistan. But the plebiscite has not been held yet, said Urmani.