Palace renovation nears completion

Bhaktapur, October 30:

Renovation of the 55-window palace at Bhaktapur Durbar Square would complete in the next three months.

Amrit Shakya, sub-engineer at Monuments Conservation and Office of the Caretaker of Palace Area (MCOCPA) today told The Himalayan Times that more than 80 per cent of the renovation work has been completed and that the remaining work would finish in the next three months at the most.

“All the external construction works like fixing the roof, putting up walls and preparing the intricate designs of the windows are done,” Shakya said adding that only works related with flooring and wall plastering is remaining.

The renovation had gained momentum after completion of monsoon before Dashain but now it has slowed down because most of the masons working here are busy harvesting paddy crop and only some carpenters are doing craving and other works, he said.

“We have already called for bids to supply tiles for flooring,” he said.

The renovation had started in 2004, with an estimated budge of Rs 16 million budget, with an aim to complete it by June 2007.