Palace security under scrutiny

Kathmandu, May 31:

The security committee formed to recommend a security strategy for palaces, including Narayanhiti, inquired about existing security arrangements in palaces. The seven-member committee led by Modraj Dotel, joint-secretary at the Home Ministry, met at the headquarters of the Nepal Army today. The committee questioned the chief of palace security, who is also member of the committee, on security arrangements in palaces. It also talked to two major-generals associated with palace security mechanism.

“The security chief told the committee that three are three division of security personnel for the palace. Ten security personnel work as aide-de-camp, more than 400 security personnel are under the command of the military police, while 1,000 army personnel work as regular army,” committee head Dotel said. Dotel said the committee will inspect Narayanhiti and other royal palaces in a day or two. “Palace security officials are cooperating with us,” Dotel added.

The committee, which was formed yesterday, has been asked to submit its report within seven days.