Panel to study functioning of dance bars

Kathmandu, January 20:

The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare (MoWCSW) has formed a sub-committee to study existing legal provisions governing the operation of cabin, dance and dohori sanjh restaurants and prepare a report within 15 days. It includes representatives of ministries and stakeholders.

The sub-committee is a part of the committee formed under the coordination of a joint- secretary of the MoWCSW to prepare a report on issues of cabin, dance and dohori sanjh restaurants.

Sushil Ghimire, the MoWCSW spokesperson, said, “These restaurants fall under the category of cottage industries. The sub-committee will study procedures governing their registration and suggest measures to regulate their activities.”

Non-government organisations have been trying to introduce a code of conduct to regulate activities of these restaurants. The Labour Act might have to be amended or a legal mechanism set up before introducing the code of conduct, Ghimire added.

The committee comprises undersecretaries of the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management, Industries and Commerce, Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Home, Deputy Superintendent of Police, representatives of NGOs and the employers’ organisation.

“The committee will work to give legal identity to restaurants and then come up with directives to operate them.”