Parliament panel seeks to encourage use of eco-friendly vehicles

Kathmandu, December 27

A meeting of the Parliamentary Environment Protection Committee held at Singha Durbar today issued a seven-point directive to the government to encourage use and operation of eco-friendly vehicles.

Since the proviso of Section 39(2) of the Motor Vehicle and Transport Management Act-1993 bars modification of ordinary vehicles to make them eco-friendly, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport has been directed to make necessary revision in the proviso.

“No approval shall be given to change   the specifications made by the motor vehicle manufacturing company and modify the vehicle,” reads the proviso. A timely change in the proviso will pave the way for implementation of the government’s new policy to encourage electric vehicles.

The committee has also directed the government to make an amendment to the Environment-Friendly Vehicle and Transport Policy-2014 within three months.

“The MoPIT, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Population and Environment and Ministry of Finance will encourage operation of emission-free vehicles, import electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers and provide incentives to manufacturers of such vehicles in the country,” said Dr Ravi Sharma Aryal, EPC secretary.

The Council of Ministers has been directed to carry out a detailed study for operation of trolley bus, tram, monorail, cable car, ropeway and railway, which may benefit people throughout the country. It has also issued directives to various ministries and government agencies to encourage use of electric vehicles.

Similarly, the committee has directed the Ministry of Population and Environment to introduce a policy for increasing subsidy on roof-top solar panels in urban areas. It has also urged the National Planning Commission to prioritise construction of ropeway, cable car, trolley bus, monorail and railway in programmes.