Parliamentarians urged to abide by road map

Kirtipur, May 2:

Local leaders affiliated with six political parties of Kirtipur today handed over an appeal to the parliamentarians at Singh Durbar today, urging the latter group to follow the peoples’ road map.

A joint appeal signed by Harisharna Maharjan, Surendra Manandhar, Raj Kumar Nakarmi, Prahanta Maharjan, Sambhuram Maharjan and Ramkrishna Maharjan today demanded that all illegal property of the monarch and his family be put into national coffers.

They also demanded the annulment of the local election and urged the political parties to implement the 12-point understanding and the road map agreed upon with the Maoists.

They have also sought punishment for those involved in suppressing the peoples’ movement.

“This is not the time to fight for power. Instead, all parliamentarians should work together to draft a new constitution,” the statement said.