Partial lunar eclipse on Monday

KATHMANDU: Amateur skygazers in Nepal would be able to catch a glimpse of a partial lunar eclipse happening on Monday, August 7.

The eclipse that starts at 11:07 pm would last till 1:03 am.

The total duration of the eclipse is five hours and one minute and the total duration of the partial eclipse is one hour and fifty five minutes.

The phenomenon, which lasts for about two hours, would also be visible to those living in India, China, Japan, Africa, Europe, Australia, Antartica and Russia among others.

People living in some parts of US and Canada would be completely shut out of this celestial event.

Even though the eclipse was visible with naked eyes, the experts, however, have suggested that the sun-Earth-moon trio should not be viewed with naked eyes.

The next partial lunar eclipse will be seen on January 31, 2018.