CPN Revolutionary Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya

CPN-Revolutionary Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya. THT Online/File.
KATHMANDU: CPN-Revolutionary Maoist Chairman Mohan Baidya said that the party unification process with the UCPN-Maoist was yet to materialise. Babbles were made rather than action in this regard, Baidya argued. Talking in a party cadres' training organised by the Capital State Committee of his party, Chairman Baidya today added that the political views should be similar for the unification. Chair Baidya clarified that the party unification was not for any post. However, it should be based on materialising the party's guidelines, he maintained. Similarly, leader Pari Thapa stressed the need of internalising the Communist principles, behaviours and ethics by the cadres.