Partying main reason behind night-time thefts: Police report

Kathmandu, August 1:

Sneaking through main gates of houses is the most preferred modus operandi for burglars in the Kathmandu Valley, states an analytical report prepared by the Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD).

The report was prepared after studying 173 incidents of burglary that took place in the valley in course of the past 11 months. In 95 instances, burglars entered the house through main gate and made off with valuables. In 53 instances, burglars were found to have either used the master key or broken the lock.

Twenty-two cases of gate-breaking were registered with the crime division. In 18 cases, burglars entered the room through window, while in 10 cases they broke window panes and entered the room.

According to the report, iron rod was the most popular weapon for burglars: They were found to have used it in 95 cases, followed by hammer (8 cases) and khukuri (7 cases).

Eighty-seven instances of burglary occurred between 10 pm and 4 am, the report said. Period between 10 am and 5 pm saw 54 instances of burglary. Twenty-two instances of burglary were recorded in wee hours.

Most burglaries were found to have taken place on Fridays and Tuesdays.

On an average, Friday and Tuesday registered 27 thefts each, whereas Monday and Saturday saw 26 and 25 thefts. The report added that burglars made away with valuables worth Rs 49,344,182 in the past 11 months.

Of the 173 cases, the police completed investigation of 65 cases and recovered cash and valuables worth Rs 1,768,451.

The MPCD said it kept the record of those cases that needed investigation. Petty thefts or cases which had been immediately-solved were not registered with the MPCD.

SSP Upendra Kant Aryal at the MPCD said the growing trend of partying was one of the main reasons behind the spurt in the number of night-time thefts. “Burglars will continue to have a field day as long as people do not take security seriously,” he said.