Passengers miss delayed Indian Airlines flight

Kathmandu, February 28:

A few passengers, including Binod Chaudhary, the president of the Confederation Nepalese Industries, of the Indian Airlines’ IC-748 flight missed their important appointment in Kolkata today after the airlines did not let them board the plane.

Chaudhary said the flight was supposed to take off at 3:55 pm. On arrival at the airport, he was informed that the flight was delayed by half-an-hour. Chaudhary said he then waited

at the Radisson Lounge for flight announcement.

“No announcement was made until before 4.25 pm when one staffer came rushing to us and took us to the aircraft. But on reaching the aircraft, the airlines staff, instead of being apologetic for the delay, accused us of not contacting them on time and threatened to take off without taking us in,” Chaudhary alleged.

When contacted Indian Airlines officials in Kathmandu refused to comment.

Gautam Saha, the country manager of the airlines, said he did not want to say anything on the issue.