Patient operated on wrong leg at Norvic

Kathmandu, February 24

Norvic International Hospital has operated on the right leg instead of the left of a patient.

Bindu Poudel, 38, of Chitwan was admitted to the hospital for treatment of ligament injury to her left leg. She underwent surgery yesterday, according to a family member.

A family member of the patient said they had made a complaint at the hospital after they found that the patient was operated on the wrong leg. The hospital administration then signed a four-point agreement with the patient’s family today.

As per the agreement, the hospital has promised not to repeat the mistake in future. It has also agreed to operate on the patient’s left leg and provide free treatment if the patient faces complications related to the leg. The hospital has decided to issue a free treatment card to the patient for the purpose.

In addition, the hospital has also agreed to hire experts from other hospitals for her treatment, if required. Similarly, the hospital has agreed to bear all costs if the patient requires treatment in a foreign country.

Despite several attempts, doctors involved in the case could not be reached for comment.