People from various walks of life urge civil society, human rights activists to help resolve crisis

KATHMANDU: People from various walks of life have stressed that civil society, human rights and intellectual circles need to be active in seeking solution to the crisis facing Nepal due to the blockade by India and ongoing agitations.

Speaking at a peace and solidarity programme organised by the Lions Club of Kathmandu in the Capital on Saturday, the participants accused civil society, various non-governmental organisations and intellectual circles of only keeping silence on the crisis.

On the occasion, former lawmaker Shanta Chaudhary urged political leadership towards finding a way out, instead of blaming each other for the problems.

Saying that the country has borne a heavy loss due to agitations, she urged the agitating parties to change the course of their protest or people should take to the streets to retaliate.

DK Dhungana, Chairman of the Lions Club, lamented the failure of the government and international organisations towards showing concerns on the crisis including scarcity of medicines due to the blockade.

The Club is said to be launching a campaign for peace and harmony across the country.