Pharmacies selling drugs sans prescription raided

Kathmandu, May 11

A joint team of the Narcotics Control Bureau and the Department of Drug Administration raided four pharmacies in Mahabouddha for allegedly selling controlled drugs without prescription.

The team also confiscated a huge cache of controlled pharmaceutical drugs from the stores.

DIGP Jaya Bahadur Chand, NCB in-charge, said the team carried out raids on Aayush Pharma, Santosh Pharma, Satyam Pharma and RF Pharmacy in the vicinity of Bir Hospital. “The medical stores were found selling prescription drugs illegally. We have initiated action against their owners,” he informed.

However, identity of the drug store owners have not been disclosed.

Morphium sulphat, pethidine, fentanly citrate, morphium sulphat, clonazepam, alprazolam, diazepam, buprinorphin, clonazepam, lorazepam, phenobarbitone, alprazolam, codeine phosphate, chlordiazepoxide, codeine phosphate, chlordiazepoxide, clobazam, zolpidem, clobazam, codotab, lorazepam and morphium, among other controlled pharmaceutical drugs, were confiscated from the stores.

As per the laws, pharmacies are required to maintain an inventory of such drugs and sell them only against a doctor’s prescription.

The raids follow the intelligence inputs that some profit-driven pharmacies were selling controlled pharmaceutical drugs to youths without bothering to seek doctors’ prescription.

The narco police have found that abuse of pharmaceutical drugs is rife among youths and teenagers. DIGP Chand appealed to the guardians to keep a tab on their children and find whether they are into drugs.

Diazepam and buprinorphin are the most-consumed banned drugs and their demand is higher in the capital because they cost far less than hashish and heroin and are easily available.

More than 3,000 drug stores are operating in the Kathmandu Valley.

According to investigators, cash-strapped drug addicts commit crimes like robberies and thefts to be able to buy drugs.