Pharmacies told not to sell tramadol without prescription

Kathmandu, August 10

Keeping in mind the increasing misuse of tramadol, a pain-relieving drug, the Department of Drug Administration today directed pharmacies not to sell the drug without doctor’s prescription.

According to Narayan Dhakal, director of the Department of Drug Administration, tramadol is being misused mainly by youths. They mix tramadol with other drugs and use it as a narcotic.

Issuing a notice today, the Department of Drug Administration prohibited the sale of tramadol without doctors’ prescription. “The decision of DDA will come into effect from August 31.

“With the increasing demand of the drug in the market, pharmacists have been importing the drug illegally,” Dhakal said, adding, “We have found that tramadol is being used as narcotic  thus the demand of the medicine has gone up.”

The Department of Drug Administration has also directed drug importers and manufacturers to manage the drugs as per the direction while pharmacies that do not have authority to sell tramadol should return the drugs as soon as possible.