Plans afoot to improve govt mobile app

Kathmandu, December 27

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration is preparing to make the mobile app of local levels more user-friendly with additional features.

The mobile app is being used by 423 local levels and the MoFAGA is preparing to expand its scope. There are 753 local levels in the country.

Information and Technology section of the MoFAGA said it had issued a circular to all local levels, requesting them to provide suggestions for its improvement.

According to computer Officer Sunil Kumar KC of IT section at MoFAGA, this app strives to provide citizens with necessary information about local governments and their services. It was developed by the Department of Information Technology.

Its key features include brief introduction and statistics of the local levels, GIS maps, contact number of people’s representatives and employees with photos, laws and rules, budget and programmes, emergency phone numbers and projects being conducted by local governments.

People may also lodge their grievances directly to the concerned local level through the app. It is an attempt to empower the people at local levels.

The app is linked to official website of local levels and any information or data uploaded and updated in the website can be received by smart phone users immediately. The app was initially developed for Dhulikhel Municipality. The app also provides information about time to avail services by the local governments, responsible officers, service charge and documents required, the MoFAGA said.

Users can receive, read and download data or information about various programmes and projects of the local levels on their smart devices. It also provides information about hospitals, educational institutions, tourist hubs, religious and cultural sites, and hotels through interactive maps.

In addition, the concerned local level may use the app to conduct opinion polls to sample public attitude on a issue.