PM Dahal meets Khanal

KATHMANDU: In his first political meeting after his resignation as Prime Minister on Monday, the United Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal met his UML counterpart Jhalanath Khanal at the latter’s residence in Chhauni Wednesday morning.

During an hour-long meeting, the duo discussed measures to improve the embittering relations between the two communist parties after the withdrawal of the UML support from the government, which led to the fall of the Maoist-led government, sources said.

Khanal said the discussion was focused on formation of national consensus government and constitution drafting process. He described Dahal as looking a little agitated and upset during the meeting over the recent political developments in the country. He also quoted PM Dahal saying that the Maoists would continue obstructing the House proceedings until the President admits to his mistake and repeals the decision against the government action to oust the army chief Katawal.

Likewise, PM Dahal told the reporters after the hour-long meeting that they agreed on continuing the politics of cooperation and consensus so as not to derail the peace process. Asked about the controversial video tape of his speech to the PLA commanders, Dahal refused to comment but assured of making the party’s view public shortly.