PM directs secretaries for result-oriented performance

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Sunday directed government secretaries to ensure result-oriented performance while executing development plans.

Holding a meeting with top central bureaucrats, the Prime Minister said they should compete for completing execution of plans at the earliest.

The meeting was organised to discuss preparations for implementation of the promises the Prime Minister had made while addressing the House on September 8.

Dahal said he himself would monitor big development activities so as to ensure that the projects would be striving to complete the tasks on time.

The CPN Maoist Centre Chairman claimed that he was working tirelessly since assuming the office in August and directed the secretaries to take commitments of the government seriously.

He, meanwhile, expressed dissatisfaction that the secretaries could not catch up with the speed he wanted them to have.

"You have given me the plan of action," he said, "But, it did not match my spirit. The announcement to sign first-phase grant contracts within 45 days has not been fully implemented. Dahal was referring to the announcement that he made about distributing reconstruction grant to the 2015 earthquake survivors after assuming office.

During the meeting, National Planning Commission Vice-Chairperson Min Bahadur Shrestha, however, had commended the secretaries claiming their plans were hopeful.

The secretaries had briefed the Prime Minister about the progress they made at their respective ministries and agencies towards implementing the PM's speech.