Nepal | December 13, 2019

PM Oli joins the ‘lootna sakey loot’ reaction-brigade

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KATHMANDU: Days after the ‘controversial’ folk-song Lootna Sake Loot was released and simultaneously pulled down from YouTube, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has now joined the ruling party’s youth wing cadres and several parliamentarians in offering a reaction to Pashupati Sharma’s song.

While addressing the Sudur-Pashchim provincial assembly today, the Prime Minister claimed that Sharma pulled down his song from YouTube after his words failed to strike a chord with the common people.

“We tend to make a mountain out of a mole. Apparently one guy mistakenly sang a song encouraging people to loot instead of working hard. When people said we do not approve of your song he took it down,” said the Prime Minister.

“The people removed his song after disliking it, end of story. Government has nothing to do with it,” said the PM. Moreover, the PM, riled by some parliamentarians’ objection on indirect ban on the song, further stated, “Some have gone on to say it was unjust to remove a song that teaches people to loot and have demanded to make it public again. I am surprised.”

(Folk song creates buzz in Parliament too)

The song, however, is a satire on rampant reports of corruption that have been surfacing of late and actually was searched for more and talked about even more after the ‘ban’.

Earlier, ruling party cadres had issued a statement ‘asking’ the folk singer to pull down his controversial song from YouTube. A few hours after the release of the song, Youth Federation Nepal had warned Sharma of thwarting his career through the said statement.

Sharma later announced through a Facebook status that he had taken the song down from Youtube for re-editing purposes saying that some words might have offended his well-wishers.


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