PM steps down

KATHMANDU: In a televised address to the nation Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' today resigned as the prime minister and said that the latest 'undemocratic and unconstitutional' move of the President has resulted a political crisis in the country.

He also claimed that his government was committed to bring the ongoing peace process into a logical conclusion.

The Prime Minister admitted that the government failed to meet all the expectations of the people.

"The opposition parties and few of the coalition partners have obstructed the government to perform," he said, adding that national and international forces which advocated for regression also attempted to create obstruction.

He also said that millions of rupees meant for development works had not been utilised due to obstructions from various sources.

He also said that despite being the largest party after the elections his party was made to wait for 4 months to form the government.