Kathmandu, June 4:

Police in cooperation with Maiti Nepal have arrested eight persons on the charge of kidney, women trafficking women.

Those arrested include Krishna Giri, Hari Nepali, Kumar Nepali, Dipak Nepali, Damar Nepali and Gopal Nepali, according to DSP Shiva Hari Banskota at the Metropolitan Police Circle, Balaju.

He said eight girls have contacted the police so far to complain against the group.

Krishna Giri, who used to work as a waiter in a hotel, first sold his own

kidney in India in lure of cash Rs 8 lakh and a restaurant. “When I finished the money, I met with one Dhan Bahadur at Chapagaun and then got involved in women trafficking,” he said.

He claimed he did not sale the girls on his own but was an accomplice most of the time.

The police said that members of the criminal gang used to lure the girls, trap them into false love, take them to India and convince them to sell their kidneys.

After selling the girl’s kidneys, the gang members would stage drama of marrying the same girls and sell them to the brothels, the police official said.

The group had ten members, one of which was already arrested on charge of trafficking kidney and is in Nakkhu jail. The police said that one Dhana Bahadur is still missing.

Sarita Banskota of Maiti Nepal said they helped the police to nab Krishna, Kumar, Hari, Gopal and Damar a few days based on information retrieved from four girls who managed to flee a brothel in Kolkotta.

Hari admitted to have trafficked the girls and kidneys.