Police, govt attorneys’ meet aims to resolve differences

Kathmandu, January 26

A three-day conference of police officers and government attorneys began here today with the aim of resolving long-standing problems arising between them during the course of delivering justice to crime victims. The national conference is expected to develop a common concept on crime investigation and prosecution.

Attorney General Raman Kumar Shrestha said the conference would help develop healthy coordination among police officers and government attorneys to make crime investigation and prosecution more effective in the days to come.

A common misunderstanding between police officers and government attorneys is that the former often blame the latter for weakening the charge filed in the court so as to let the suspects off the hook.

Government attorneys also accuse police of failing to conduct effective and evidence-based investigation before asking the former to file a case in the court. Such conflict and weakness on the part of both the investigators and prosecutors often lead the court either to hand down a lenient punishment or order release of the guilty.

Attorney General Shrestha and Inspector General of Police Upendra Kant conceded that the blame game between investigators and prosecutors was not new. “Investigators and prosecutors are like two sides of the same coin but continue to lock horns over alleged poor investigation and weak prosecution. Therefore, we decided to hold a national conference to discuss the issues face-to-face and develop a cordial relations to maximise the success rate of doing justice to crime victims,” said IGP Aryal.

The conference will pass a resolution to enhance coordination and collaboration between investigators and prosecutors to mark a new beginning in the criminal justice system. Each party will be obliged to abide by the resolution in the course of investigation and prosecution. According to Attorney General Shrestha, the case in which the government acts as a plaintiff cannot succeed until investigators and prosecutors act together. Several people, who were supposedly guilty, have walked free due to lack of coordination between police and government attorneys in the past.

The conference will mainly review the present status of investigation and prosecution in cases in which the government acts as a plaintiff.