'Police have no right to seek clarification from editors'

KATHMANDU: The Federation of Nepali Journalists issuing a statement on Monday drew its attention towards the Nepal Police summoning the publication house and editors, and asking them to disclose news sources.

The FNJ said that Police had no right to shoot letters seeking clarification from the media houses and editors for the published news articles.

The Federation further urged the concerned authorities to resolve the queries and issues regarding published materials through Press Council Nepal.

Events as such hinder the utilisation of press freedom, the Federation asserted.

“We urge the concerned authorities to immediately stop such activities and not repeat them. The Federation will be forced to take strong step if the activities were not halted,” read the press statement.

FNJ would also be holding consultations with the government and the security bodies, along with Press Chautari Nepal, Press Centre Nepal, and the Online Journalists Association, and to jointly defend the freedom of the press, freedom of expression and protection of the news source.