Police impounding unregistered bikes

Kathmandu, October 12:

The Metropolitan Police Traffic Division (MPTD), Ramshahpath, has started to impound the unregistered motorcycles plying in the Valley.

“As the number of motorcycle having written “On Test” on its plate is seen increasing in the Valley, we started to impound them,” SP Govinda Poudel at the MPTD, said.

According to him, laws allow any motorcyclist to run it on the public roads without having number plate for just 24 hours since the procedure to have number registered requires some time. “But, it doesn’t meant that motorcylists can run it more than 24 hours just because they didn’t manage to have the plate number,” he added.

The MPTD said that it has impounded 23 motorcycles which either sans number plate. “The police had to start the spree as they had received few cases of unregistered motorcycles being involved in accidents,” he added. Poudel said the campaign started since last week, adding three persons were arrested for driving motorcycles having written “On Test” on its number plate.

The MPTD also said that investigation to trace possible cases of such motorcycles being stolen is underway.