Police nab nine CBES men with arms

Kathmandu, May 10:

A police team from the Metropolitan Police Circle, Maharajgunj, arrested nine persons believed to be the activists of the Chure Bhanwar Ekata Samaj along with arms from a guesthouse at Mitranagar, Maharajgunj.

Police seized three bullets of self-loading rifle, two sutali bombs, two khukuris, three swords and two knives from them.

Among the held is CBES’s candidate under FPTP from Bara-6 Chanu Shrestha (32), police said adding that Shrestha was the leader of the gang.

Eight of the arrested have been identified whereas the ninth was yet to be identified, the police said. The other arrested are Hareram Karki, Ashaman Lama, Prahlad Lamichhane, Birman Lama, Tek Muktan, and Kiran Lama of Bara and Mahendra Budhathoki of Sarlahi.

“They had come to Kathmandu four days ago in a vehicle without a number plate. They hired the vehicle for Rs 2,000 a day, removed the number plate and came to the capital,” the police said.

CBES president Keshav Mainali said the arrested persons might be his party’s activists.