Police recover Mahantha Thakur's robbed briefcase after 23 days

KATHMANDU: Police on Sunday said they recovered a briefcase reportedly robbed from Tarai Madhes Democratic Party Chairman Mahantha Thakur's house on September 9.

The briefcase was found by a team deployed from the Metropolitan Police Circle, Thimi in a bush in Kandaghari, KMC-35 today, DSP Shyam Babu Oliya informed.

Police found two pens and a letter related to Thakur's party in the briefcase, according to Oliya.

Earlier last week, police had arrested two persons for their alleged involvement in the armed robbery.

Police had identified the suspects as 23-year-old Ranjit Prasad Gupta of Sarlahi and 32-year-old Prachanda Pratap Singh aka Pramananda of Mahottari.

It has been learned that Gupta was once Thakur’s driver. Singh used to be a regular visitor to Thakur’s residence as he was a supporter of Thakur’s party.

On September 9, the two robbers had barged into Thakur’s residence and decamped with a briefcase. They had allegedly assaulted Dr Minakshi Jha with a khukuri and inflicted injury on one of her hands.