Police to launch campaign against drug abuse, VAW, cybercrime

Kathmandu, August 18

Inspector General of Police Sarbendra Khanal today said Nepal Police would launch a campaign against drug abuse, cybercrimes and violence against women and children simultaneously throughout the country.

Speaking at an anti-drug rally organised in Mangal Bazaar of Lalitpur, he said, “Police will initiate action against anyone involved in production, transportation, possession, sale and distribution of drugs. If public and police stand united, we will be able to prevent and control drug crimes to save the lives of youths,” he informed, adding that police were set to launch a massive campaign against such crimes across the country.

IGP Khanal suggested that prevention of drug abuse would be an effective investment for the well-being of those addicted to drugs, their families and communities. According to police reports, Nepal is being used by international drug trafficking rings as a transit to push hard drugs, including cocaine and heroin, to destination countries while the growing abuse of psychoactive substances and injectable drugs has emerged as a big problem in the country. The annual growth rate of drug users is 11.36 per cent.

Though police are doing their best to control supply, lack of awareness among people about health, economic and social consequences of drug abuse continue to hit the nation. If the demand for drugs amongst users decreases, it will automatically discourage the racketeers, officials said.

A study conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2013 shows the number has nearly doubled to 91,534 in 2013 from 2007. Earlier, the ministry has also directed Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and National Investigation Department to intensify efforts to combat drug smuggling and abuse. Illegal trade and use of drugs has not only affected social and economic structures but also contributed to rise in crimes. Around 70 per cent of social crimes in the country are related to drug and alcohol addiction, according to Nepal Police.