Police unveil strategy to combat organised crimes

Kathmandu, October 18

The Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu has unveiled a new security strategy ‘to root out organised crimes, murder, kidnapping, extortion and hooliganism’, in a bid to give people a sense of security.

SSP Vikram Singh Thapa, who took charge as the chief of Kathmandu police this week, said MPR will adopt the Broken Window Theory to abolish the crimes. “We will hit the core of criminal activities to make the capital a better and safer place. MPR will never compromise on the people’s right to live in a peaceful, secure and healthy environment. We have devised an action plan to fully enforce ‘service with smile’ to win the trust of people and encourage them to cooperate with the police in maintaining law and order as well as in bringing the criminals to book,” he said.

SSP Thapa also pledged to put an end to apathy, verbal brutality, physical and mental torture as well as corruption. “We have decided to act very tough on the gangsters who extort from businesspersons and adopt tit-for-tat strategy to overcome the problems of armed individuals and gangs. We will screen the suspects, counsel them against carrying out criminal activities. But if they do not correct themselves and continue to pose threat to people’s security, we will not hesitate to open fire on them,” he warned.

SSP Thapa said his team will fully adhere to the principles of national and international human rights while tackling criminal activities. “We have to maintain zero tolerance against corruption. Anyone found guilty of financial indiscipline will be sent to jail,” he informed. MPR’s priority areas also include black marketing, food adulteration and financial crimes.