Policy Research Academy Bill registered in Upper House

Kathmandu, January 2

The government has registered Policy Research Academy Bill-2019, at the Secretariat of the National Assembly with the objective of promoting good governance by formulating government policies on the basis of research and analysis.

According to the bill, the office of the academy shall be established in Kathmandu valley. The academy shall provide necessary recommendation to the government to formulate new policies and to amend existing policies.

Functions, duties and power of the autonomous body are to act as a think tank; conduct study and research on various policies required for the country; conduct study and research on military affairs, international relations, diplomacy and foreign affairs and provide policy related suggestions to the government on policies and measures that are necessary to achieve economic prosperity and social justice through good governance.

It requires the academy to recommend the federal government regarding reforms to be pursued to make the public service delivery effective, accountable, dignified, efficient and professional; suggest the government about the measures against corruption control and embezzlement of revenue and public assets. The academy will also closely watch implementation status of citizen’s charter and professional code of ethics, and recommend to the federal government for policy, legal and institutional reforms.

As per section 5 of the bill, the academy shall also act as an observer of public administration, development administration, environment protection, governance reform, poverty alleviation and various sectoral policies adopted by the federal government, besides identifying their shortcomings and the ways to overcome them.

If a ministry of the federal government requests the academy to develop policy on any matter of public interest, it shall draft such policy. The academy shall also publish or broadcast the findings of its research for public consumption and debate.

The academy may liaise and collaborate with various national and international universities, institutes and like-minded organisations by prior approval of the government. The bill stipulates a provision of a five-member steering committee to carry out regular administrative business of the academy. Chairperson and members of the academy shall be appointed by the federal government from among researchers and academics in various fields.

Section 8 of the bill states that there shall be a three-member recommendation committee headed by a minister to recommend to the Council of Minister the names of persons to be appointed as the chairperson of the academy. The members shall be appointed by the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the chairperson.

The term of the chairperson and members shall be four years. The government may dismiss the chairperson or the members at anytime if his/her performance is not found satisfactory.

The organisational structure of the academy shall be as approved by the federal government. The academy shall have three departments research, management, and information and knowledge management.