Polls are nostalgic for many elderly

Kathmandu, March 25:

Though most of the elderly citizens of Pashupati Briddhashram do not have their names in the voters’ list, the polls have become a kind of festival, a topic to talk and recall the memories of the past for them.

With candidates frequently visiting the elderly home seeking votes and blessings from the senior citizens, poll fever has gripped around 230 senior citizens residing in the Briddhashram.

Bashudev Deuja, in-charge of the Briddhashram, said the Ward did not update the names of the elderly citizens on the voters’ list. Still a few of them, whose names were already on the list, would be able to cast their votes.

Recalling the previous polls, Bacchu Pokharel (85) said, “I have voted in many polls in the past.” She added she is enjoying the visits by poll candidates even though she won’t be able to cast her vote this time.

The seniors said they do not exactly understand the meaning of the election, but still they know the importance to some extent.

Another senior citizen Krishna Bahadur Thapa (85), originally from Duwakot of Bhaktapur, said after watching the TV, listening the radio and meeting with the candidates he wished he could go to his village to witness the election activities.

Chini Maiya Chhetri (80) says she wished she could cast her vote this time as many candidates have visited her this time. But sadly she won’t be able to cast her vote, as her name too is not on the voters’ list.

Looking at the interest of the senior citizens in polls, Deuja said he is planning to organise a programme in the Briddhashram to inform the seniors about the CA polls in detail. “Though most of them may not be able to vote, I am going to call some volunteers to tell the seniors what the election is all about as they all are too excited to know about it.”