Poor security situation doesn't go down well with general public

KATHMANDU: The ever deteriorating law and order situation in the Valley is becoming a staid concern for the common people.

This correspondent today talked to some people from different walks of life on this, and everybody had a same tale to tell.

“There is no security at all for the general public,” complained the General Manager of Hotel Del’a Annapurna, Dorjee Sherpa. “Anything can happen to anyone anytime; can authorities guarantee that the public is safe on the roads or inside the four walls of their houses?” he asked. “Security personnel say they have secured this place, they have increased security here or there

and intensified security checks at major points

only after a major incident takes place. Before that, they are just calm.

“Kathmandu is the capital city of the country, where the heads of security providers live. But sadly enough, some people have made Kathmandu a killing field right below their noses,” he added.

The murder of civilian Zamim Shah in broad daylight has stunned her, says Rita Khatri, who works in an NGO in Kathmandu. “I actually fear walking on the roads, while travelling by taxi or while standing in a queue. When I see any speeding motorbike, many questions come to my mind. Is that person behind the helmet a sharp shooter? Is this motorbike following me? We are feeling insecure in our own land,” Khatri said.

A government official echoed the two common people above. “I am a civilian first, then a government official. I am myself not satisfied with the security provided by security personnel,” Shree Ram Sharma complained.

The AIG at the Metropolitan Commissioner’s Office Madan Khadka also admitted security lapses.

“Due to lack of resources also, we are unable to reach every nook and corner of the city. However, the Nepal Police is on high alert now, and this, for the security of our people.”