Power cut 10 hours a week

KATHMANDU: With the increase in the water level in the rivers and completion of the maintenance of Kulekhani Hydro-power Project, Nepal Electricity Authority has decided to bring the load shedding down to 10 hours per week from midnight today.

Nepal Electricity Authority had officially stated four hours of load shedding but had been imposing only two hours a day.

According to Sher Singh Bhatt, director of System Operation Department of NEA, the load shedding hours would be imposed between 6 pm to 10.30 pm.

Bhatt said nation would see two hours of load shedding for three days, one and a half hour for two days, one hour for a day and there would be no load shedding for a day every week.

Kulekhani has been producing 45 mega watts of electricity every day for the last two days. The total demand for electricity in the nation is 780 mega watts but the NEA is able to supply only 160 to 180 mega watts less than the demand.