Prasit warns Maoists

Kathmandu, September 5:

The standing committee member of the CPN-UML, Modnath Prasit, warned today that it would be suicidal for the Maoists if they tried to “deceive” the political parties to bring their one-party system in the name of working alliance with the parties. “One-party system would not be tolerable to the parties and the world community,” he said at a programme organised by Media Group Nepal. “The palace and the Maoists are trying to destroy multiparty system,” he said, adding: “The King must apologise to the people now.”

RPP leader Bhuwan Pathak criticised the political parties. “It is an irony that while people want peace, the political parties are fighting for power,” he said, urging the parties to sit for talks with the King.“ Former minister Nilamber Acharya ruled out the possibilities of holding talks with the King unless the House of Representative is reinstated.