Kathmandu, March 11

Pre-monsoon activity picked up in some parts of the country, mainly the hilly region and Kathmandu valley, bringing moderate rainfall today.

Some areas across the country received showers which the Meteorological Forecasting Division said was normal before the monsoon season which begins in June.

Meteorologist Raju Pradhananga said, “This is a regular phenomenon and we will be witnessing it during the pre-monsoon period (March to May) due to local weather conditions and the effect of cumulonimbus clouds. It is more active and stronger in the first two months of the pre-monsoon season.”

He informed that cumulonimbus clouds were also responsible for thunderstorm and hailstorm. “Cumulonimbus clouds are formed in the sky in the afternoon or evening when the land surface is heated, bringing rain and even hailstorm. It is of transient nature and lasts from half-an-hour to two hours,” Pradhananga said. Pre-monsoon period is a transition between summer and monsoon seasons.

According to MFD, the country is expected to get more showers and spells of thunderstorm in the days to come. Cumulonimbus clouds may also result in winds as part of a pre-monsoon phenomena.

The valley recorded 14.3 mm rain followed by Dhankuta (10.7 mm), Okhaldhunga (4.7 mm), Pokhara (4 mm), Jiri (2.7 mm) and Lumle (0.5 mm) till 5:45 pm today. The valley has received total 16.9 mm rain till date against the average monthly 34.2 mm for March, said the MFD.

Meanwhile, the MFD forecast that it would be partly cloudy in the hilly region and generally cloudy in the eastern and central hilly regions towards afternoon or late afternoon. Brief rains or thunder-showers are likely to occur at a few places of the hilly region.